About Us

A little introduction to Celestial Selection

Celestial Selection is a small family-run endeavour, with the aim of distributing crystals and other therapy supplies to anyone and everyone that has an interest. People enjoy crystals for different reasons, and whatever yours may be, we will support you in finding exactly what you’re looking for. Crystals are definitely making themselves known more now than ever and we believe they can truly enhance your living spaces with the energies they radiate. We also wish to offer sound healing supplies as their vibrational energies are just as powerful; they truly go hand-in-hand.

As the owner of Celestial Selection, I, Teya, will always strive to provide the best quality products. We hand-select our crystals whenever possible to determine that the quality is exceptional. We are the sole distributor of Gaia School of Natural Health’s products which are each hand-made with care. Hopefully, if you have bought from us before or are planning to buy from us at some point, you are happy with the quality of all your purchases. If there is anything you think that could be improved or that you would like us to be notified about, feel free to get in touch either via our contact form, email or social media.

Thank you for supporting this small business J